Started on January 1, 1970 90 Minutes


Philippe Chauvel -Therapist-Artist

Janet Sannon- Artist

Classes for all ages, with an emphasis on art-making, development of muscle memory, observational skills, and overall refinement of existing skills. Classes for younger students focus on shorter projects, often based on the exploration of various artists’ works, focusing on skill building with various mediums as well as the development of fine motor skills. Focused techniques are introduced, such as blending oil pastels or pencils, watercolor, and acrylic paint.

  • Monday-Saturday9am-5pm
  • $150 per session
  • $250 Private class
  • (Inquire within) All sessions are 90 minutes
  • In a general class, the instructor will introduce a comfortable experience, such as sensory stimulation to art, music, tactile, and creative minds.
  • In a private class, the instructor will do all of the above and take extra time to motivate the individual to participate, and accomplish our goal of a meaningful art experience for everyone. He will provide extra accommodations for the private one on one class due to behaviors such as withdraw, impulsiveness, and inflexibility.
  • DUE TO COVID-19: classes are limit to 4 at a time, a mask must be worn at all times, 6ft social distancing must be followed.