Started on January 1, 1970 90 Minutes

Patricia Willis

Ms. Willis is a dance educator and mentors committed to creating positive, memorable, and share-worthy experiences surrounding dance while cultivating technical prowess and cultural appreciation for arts.

She specializes in Hip- Hop, Contemporary Dance.

  • Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
  • $150 per session
  • $250 Private class
  • (Inquire within) All sessions are 90 minutes
  • In our general dance classes, the instructor fosters an engaging and enjoyable environment, inviting students to explore the world of dance through rhythmic movement, musical appreciation, and kinesthetic awareness. Our aim is to inspire creativity and a passion for dance in every participant.
  • In our private dance sessions, the instructor will personalize the experience, incorporating all elements of our group classes with added focus on individual encouragement and support. We dedicate time to inspire each student to engage fully and reach our shared goal of a fulfilling dance experience. Special accommodations are provided during one-on-one sessions to address individual needs, such as shyness, high energy, or difficulty with change, ensuring a positive and enriching environment tailored to each dancer.