Started on January 1, 1970 90 Minutes

  • Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
  • $150 per session
  • $250 Private class
  • (Inquire within) All sessions are 90 minutes
  • During our group drumming sessions, the instructor introduces a dynamic and immersive experience that allows students to connect with the rhythm and pulse of the music. Participants are encouraged to express themselves through the beat, enhancing their musical ear and rhythmic touch, all while fostering a collective creative energy.
  • In private drum lessons, the instructor provides a personalized approach that includes all the benefits of our group sessions with additional focus on the individual’s progression. We strive to engage the student in a way that not only motivates participation but also aims for a deep and meaningful connection with the art of drumming. Tailored support is offered to accommodate personal learning styles and challenges, such as hesitation, spontaneity, or resistance to structured learning, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding educational experience.